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Business strategy

Start with 20 beta units to get processes correct and production running smoothly, then go full production with small factories around the US and Canada as needed

This is by no means a workable business plan. There’s nothing about the target market, what makes the vehicle appealing to the target market, how the vehicle will be sold, how the vehicle parts will be manufactured, or how the vehicle parts will be assembled.


This is mistake #1. You’ve already decided to build a specific vehicle. Moreover, you haven’t thought about who your target market is, so you have no idea whether or not it satisfies anyone but yourself. If you like the car, by all means, build it, and blog about it. But please do not assume that your vehicle is of interest to anyone else until you have built it to their interests. What you really have right now is not a production car, it is a concept car. However, the concept itself has been repeatedly proven unviable countless times by other manufacturers. Why are you beating the dead horse of 3 wheeled tadpole design?

Dimensions height 55" width 60" length 133" wheelbase 95" tread (front) 56" turning radius (?) ground clearance 7"

I don’t understand why you started with the least technically important, yet most controversial aspect of the car. The body is the last thing you work on, after you have a chassis to wrap it around. Further, don’t pretend that the shape you’ve designed is necessarily particularly aerodynamic. Until you spend a great deal of time doing wind tunnel testing, you really don’t know a thing. It is sometimes better to ADD bulginess in places to improve aerodynamics. Besides, where’s the trunk?

Weight empty 550 lbs payload 500 lbs max batteries 750 lbs max GVWR 1800 lbs

Estimated Performance top speed 80 mph accelleration 0-30 mph  ? accelleration 0-60 mph  ? time, 1/4-mile ? range at constant 30 mph 125 miles range at constant 60 mph 90 miles

You state these things matter-of-factly, as if the vehicle were already complete. You should really be specifying TARGET weight, and TARGET performance. You should be stating your goals and how you are planning to achieve them so that comments can be made, not defining your car design as a success.


These are not all decided yet; choices here are the current favorites. Links on each item go to pages with more options and information involved in the decision process.

Tires front 155/80R14 radial, 22.8" diameter rear 155/80R14 radial, 22.8" diameter

Brakes front Drum rear Drum

These are all fairly arbitrary decisions, right here. Car tires should be defined by the operating climate; and for a successful EV, that means letting local dealerships decide on tires. And Drum brakes? Sure, they may be cheap, but theyâÂÃÃÃÃÂÂÂ