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Male Mold

The outside of the Freedom EV will look something like this, but the door and window openings etc. are omitted.

Freedom EV -1.jpg
Freedom EV - 2.jpg
Freedom EV - 3.jpg
Freedom EV - 4.jpg
Freedom EV - 5.jpg
Freedom EV - 6.jpg
Freedom EV - 7.jpg

Female Mold

The inside of this will be used as a mold to put Freedom EV bodies into production.

As it came back from the boat shop
Splits in half down the middle to release the body from the mold
Hr R001-012.jpg
Painted mold

First Real Body

It was made from the above mold.

10-31-2006 Prototype-05.jpg
Windshield installed
10-31-2006 Prototype-27.jpg
10-31-2006 Prototype-06.jpg

Its a Car

Pictures - August 31th 2007

Back and Side
Front and Side
We've Got Lights
Where do I put the EV Logo?