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Three Wheelers

  • Jerry Dycus's Freedom EV
  • 3 Wheeler site As the tag line says "The online A-Z of 3-Wheelers".
  • Three Wheel Cars narrative by Robert Q. Riley. Subtitle is, "Primary Factors That Determine Handling & Rollover Characteristics"
  • Tryanne II three wheeled, strip laid wooden three wheeler.
  • danz' proposed first product effort: 3 wheeler, enclosed, 2 people, room for groceries or some bags of peat moss, a flat roof on which I can tie 2X4s, or a 4X8 sheet of plywood or drywall. 30 mile range, 60 mph max, integral trailer hitch for a 'pusher' or a gen set trailer or even a small cargo trailer. Lowest cost possible consistent with safety, reliability, comfort and (some)convenience. Aerodynamically unimportant--whatever is necessary to get the speed and the range despite inefficiencies: more batteries, larger vehicle envelope, etc.

Four Wheelers or more

Conversion kits


  • E-Truck
  • E-Bus

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