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The EVProduction club began life as a Yahoo mailing list. The current plan is to collect dues from members to fund the club's projects.

This group is for the purpose of getting EV's into production by group effort. The auto companies will not do it so we must do it ourselves. We intend to enable start up of open hardware EV production lines and standards of several types of EV's done by group vote with money raised by the group.

These could be either proposals by people to the group or by the group designing the EV's and putting it out to bid to be built in whatever manner the group decides.

There will be dues as decided by the elected board and once an EV plan is decided, production slots will be first deposit, first unit basis.

By spreading the costs amoung many we can keep the risk very low and with our experience in EV's do them right.

The EVProduction club is for those who want EV's on the market and willing to help make it happen.

This wiki

This wiki is about open source electric vehicles and about EVProduction club.

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