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Baset trailer without batteries

Baset trailers and removable batteries follows the principle of replacing instead of recharging.

A baset trailer is a range extending device for use with battery electric vehicles consisting of a battery pack mounted in a trailer. The batteries (i.e."D34M" Optima Blue-Top and Yellow-Top batteries) can be replaced by recharged ones. Most small to midsized passenger vehicles would require 15 to 20 kW. Larger vehicles could require 30 kW or more of power depending on how heavy and/or un-aerodynamic they happen to be.

They can be also used with electric buses: bus companies can store recharged batteries in route strategic points (bus stations, filling stations, parking lots, electric utility facilities, ad-hoc facilities or shops and so on).

In renting, the maintenance costs of baset trailers can be deferred to the lessor or agency. They are can also be given for rent.

Battery package

Removable individual batteries and trays

Individual battery

Batteries can be mounted in a light, easy and accesible removable trays or individually, so one can replace only some batteries when discharged, instead of a trailer.

Users that continuously are travelling in the same route, can leave discharged battery in any point at 1/4 of the route, and to gather it when recharged to the return.

In any case, taxicabs can recharge portable batteries in the cabstand (in an kiosk or similar), when they are driving or waiting for passengers.

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